Kingston Canvas 128 Gb "Select Plus SD" card review


Today we are testing a very fast Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD card in the 128 GB version. This is a really good solution for cameras and cameras, since the recording speed allows you to continuously record even 4K video without problems, and the maximum available volume is 512 GB.
Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD

The device is delivered in a standard cardboard package with a plastic “bed” for the card itself. Equipment, which is quite obvious, is not available as such. But the package lists all the key parameters of the drive.

Let’s list them: format – SD, class-10 UHS-I U3 (up to 100 MB/s), high-speed class for video recording-30 (V30). If we talk about the design, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD looks quite bright thanks to the light green elements in the design.

But if the user only remembers what the card looks like when they insert it into the device, then the speed of operation is a much more important characteristic. And in fact, the card is really very fast.


We have a 128 GB model on the test (the actual available capacity is about 116 GB), but in general the model range includes cards with a capacity of 32 to 512 GB.

The results of synthetic tests are as follows: ATTO Disk Benchmark showed the numbers 92 and 87 MB / s for reading and writing, respectively, CrystalDiskMark-95 and 87 MB / s, well, tests for linear reading and writing in AIDA showed the numbers 92 and 87 MB / s. In fact, Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD is a really fast card that can record video in resolution up to 4K. From the pleasant-the manufacturer claims that the temperature mode of the card is from -25 to 85 degrees, that is, neither intensive work in hot devices (the same cameras are not bad for long-term video recording), nor work at negative temperatures (which is important for action cameras, although most of them use the microSD format) will not be a problem for this card.


Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD is a really fast and at the same time quite affordable card with an eye on high – speed work-serial photography, video shooting in 4K resolution. If you need a microSD card, then there are such cards in the Kingston Canvas Select Plus line, and most likely they will show the same high read and write speeds.