DeepCool Castle 360RGB v2 review

Most modern liquid cooling systems have already got rid of childhood illnesses associated with leaks and pump failure. And the standardized design does not leave the manufacturer room for imagination when designing their “vodyanok”. Therefore, when choosing a modern RCD , we look first of all at the size of the radiator , sometimes at the location and length of the fittings, and mainly at the appearance created by RGB lighting.

Deepcool liquid cooling systems are bought when there is a desire to save money , but at the same time get the most joyful and customizable RGB-illumination, and at the same time, today DeepCool is also a special pressure equalization valve designed to protect against leaks when heating the refrigerant.

How does it work? The radiator has a built-in rubber element, which is an elastic wall between the atmosphere and the filled liquid. When the temperature increases, the refrigerant expands, and instead of squeezing the gaskets on the fittings, it compresses the specified valve, the radiator volume increases slightly, and the pressure is normalized. When the refrigerant cools, the reverse process occurs. Such valves are also used in industrial units, where they work for decades without replacement or any maintenance, so this is not a new model, but the application of a long-known technology in the computer world. In addition to the presence of a valve, the rest of the radiator is quite a standard: it has a thickness of 30 mm, seats for 6 fans with dimensions of 120x120x25 mm. installation of 140-mm models is not provided.


Complete fans are quite common: hydrodynamic, with PWM speed control from 500 to 1800 RPM, with 9 blades and anti- vibration pads, which are usually completely useless. If you want to attach the dropsy to the fans on the front wall of the case , then you will be disappointed: the screws run along the entire length of the fans, so the landing holes are busy. However, you can try to attach the screws diagonally: two screws - fans to the radiator, two more-fans to the body. Of course, you will have to Tinker, but it’s worth it .

Vibration-absorbing pads are glued to the corners of the fans, but don’t count on them too much: this design is designed more for beauty than for reducing vibrations.

Each fan has two connectors, of which the first is the familiar PWM for speed control, and the second is the RGB backlight control. To centrally connect all DLC included are two splitters: one for power and one for the backlight, and it has a remote for manual switching modes RGB.


The pump is huge, the size of an adult 's fist. It has a universal mount for all Intel and AMD processors , including TR4, and the fittings are installed on one side, so when placing it in the computer, think about its location in advance so that they do not rest against VRM radiators or memory modules. By the way , the pump mount is symmetrical, and when installing the mounts, you can rotate it at least 360 degrees.

Most of the size of the pump is a prop, and the pump itself takes up less than half of the free space of the gray barrel.

We have already told you on our website why you need to choose specialized, not universal coolers for large processors like Thread Reaper. Of the features of the pump, it should be noted the ceramic axis, the winding of the stator in three phases and traditional design for pumps with high pressure. The standard frequency of the pump rotor is 2550 RPM, but in our case , the readings recorded 2700 RPM.

Of course, the main decoration is a triple RGB backlight: on two fans and on the " cover " of the water pump. All modern RGB control standards from motherboard manufacturers , including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock, are supported . So you can connect a special Castle 360 RGB V2 connector to the motherboard, and configure the backlight programmatically from Windows, or you can-from UEFI. The backlight has a color range of 16.7 million colors and 5 built- in effects of different colors and shades. Looks DeepCool Castle 360 RGB V2 is so gorgeous that words can not convey.

When installing, keep in mind that on some motherboards, the fittings on the pump side may rest on the RAM modules , but for example on sockets with an asymmetric mount, such as AMD TR4, they may rest on the nut that attaches to the processor. In general, this does not cause any problems .


For testing, we used a 280-Watt AMD Thread Reaper2990wx processor installed on the asrockrack x399d8a-2T motherboard . during testing, the fan and pump speeds were set to the maximum.
CPU temperature.

AMD stated on its website that the maximum allowable temperature of the Thread Reaper 2990WX is 68 degrees Celsius, but even at 80 degrees, the system continued to maintain stability. And, in General, if you do not fry one of the world’s hottest processors with synthetic tests, it is quite possible to keep the temperature within the recommended range.


The main difference between DeepCool Castle 360 RGB V2 and its analogues is its stunning appearance, which brings a unique style to your computer case. Given that the company has also worked on reliability , which in this age of planned obsolescence is extremely rare, I want to shake hands with developers and wish them more bright ideas.

In general, the 360-mm SDR showed that it can cool and hot 280-Watt processor, even if not in the burn-In test, but in real tasks and games, and for many buyers it is such a 360-mm caliber that is the most important thing.