Cases and cases Orico for transporting hard drives

If you need to move hundreds of terabytes of data between data centers of enterprises, then you probably already know that science has not come up with anything better than to copy them to hard drives, load them into the trunk of the car and take them along winding paths directly to the destination. This method is very developed in the United States, where the fastest infrastructure and huge amounts of data: video, big Data, databases, etc.-other. Data transmission over the Internet can take years and decades with a full load of channels, and the carrier will deliver your data anywhere in the world in a few days. Amazon in the US even has a special ATV Snowmobile truck for this purpose, small companies that work with sensitive data hide hard drives in books and send them by courier or mail.

Fortunately, Orico has recently started supplying special suitcases and cases for storage and transportation of hard drives, and today we will consider these solutions.

Let’s start with the largest suitcase for 20 3.5-inch hard drives, Orico PSK-L 20, with which you can say: “I take 240 TB with one left!”. Outwardly, it seemed to come off the screen of films: huge, with external ribs, with thick walls and massive latches, securely fixing the lid. Its highlight - full water resistance, so if you have to cross the swamp swim - your data will not get wet.

There are no built-in locks here, because few people will release 20 hard drives out of sight or send data by “Business Lines”, but most likely for this purpose will attract their own drivers with security or collectors. For delivery of a case under the list, there are “ears” for sealing both usual markers, and a thread which is wound on a special coil under the handle and blocks opening of latches. If the attacker decides to imperceptibly copy the data from the hard drives, pulling the pins out of the loops Orico PSC-L20, and opening the case from the back side, then it is waiting for a bummer: the cover sits on the body “in the groove”, so that without opening the latch, you will not remove it and move. For scanners at airports ABS-plastic housing is transparent, so that the contents to the inspection you do not have to.

The interior, at first glance, looks primitive - no pockets for accompanying documents, no place for stickers with numbers or signatures of hard drives, or even a place for a service gun or a spare clip… The real smuggler will be bored, and hard drives - nice, because each compartment for HDD consists of several layers:

The top (about 2 cm thick) is the toughest of polyurethane foam, it keeps the HDD from oscillating up and down, and the hard drive has to be inserted and pulled out of the case with effort. The bottom layer is soft, without memory effect, it extinguishes mechanical shocks and does not allow hard drives to touch each other. At the bottom of the same soft foam material, but the sensations of his thickness only about 7 mm.

The cover is glued inside with foam in the form of fractals, which further prevent vertical movement of the HDD. In normal use, the discs do not touch the plastic of the case, so they do not need anti-static bags.

The usual 3.5-inch hard drive is placed in a compartment about 2/3 of its length, and if you use some exotic hard drives with adapters for SAS/SATA or FC, then Unscrew the latter and carry separately: there is no space for sled, or for any additional interface cards.

It should be borne in mind that the Orico PSC-L20 can not stand upright like a normal suitcase: filled with hardy, it immediately outweighs and occupies a horizontal position. I think that this is done specifically to exclude the situation when one smart guy will put 240 TB of data vertically, and the second will touch the case with his foot.

In General, this suitcase I have only one claim - it is not designed for 2.5-inch drives, and this lack is deprived of the following aluminum 5-disk chest.

Orico BSC35-05

Here is a completely different, modular design: 5 compartments for hard drives are separated by partitions, pulling out that you can you can combine 2 compartments in one, which will fit flat SSD or SFF HDD. Yes there SSD in an integrated compartment is perfect fit a pack of buckshot of the caliber 12/70, a real dream the smuggler data!

Chest Orico PHC 35-03 has one latch with lock, lockable. The lock is designed for honest crooks, sealing the lid is not provided, and the shiny aluminum body shines even in complete darkness, so that at night you will not pass through the border unnoticed. to this suitcase I have only one claim - it is not designed for 2.5-inch drives, and this lack is deprived of the following aluminum 5-disk chest.

Hard drives are completely placed in a compartment made of thick molded EVA foam, and the same thick layer of protective material is glued to the inside of the cover.

If you are carrying data on public transport, or want to make a backup copy of the data center-and unnoticed, keep in mind: 20-disk suitcase Orico PSC-L20 looks like a box for an electric drill (especially if you stick it on the Makita logo), and does not catch the eye at all, and 5-disk BSC350-3 with its lock is associated only as a box for values, and guarantees you increased attention.

Cases for storage and shipment of the HDD

Orico also has cases for stationary storage of hard drives, or for carrying them home, in a briefcase or backpack. In General, today it is believed that the hard disk should be constantly in the on state, do periodic checks and warn about possible problems, but for some non-critical data, this requirement can be ignored.

We will consider three 1-disk cases for 3.5-inch HDD: PHI35, PHP35 and PHX35 MODELS. They are available in a variety of colors and have large labels for labels.

If you need to hide a backup copy of your company’s server, buy a purple box-book Orico PHP35, write on the sticker “cousin’s Wedding” and put it in the top drawer or on the shelf. HWP guarantees: no check will be interested in this hard drive.

Vertically, on the bookshelf can be installed hard drives in the buildings PHI-35-5C. These cases are not very convenient to constantly take out the HDD and shove back , but they have a very tight cover that protects the contents from dust.

Case PHX35 has some makings of impact resistance, and thanks to the soft interior upholstery, the hard drive never touches the plastic. From my point of view, this is the perfect case for carrying one disc in a backpack or briefcase or for mailing: it looks the most durable of 1-disc cases, its walls are made of thick plastic, it has a rigid latch, and the manufacturer promises us protection from moisture.

Water resistance testing

From the devices we consider, both Orico suitcases and the FX35 case are claimed to be moisture proof, and for us it is an excuse to send them to take water treatments. We will use paper napkins, which at the slightest wetting immediately show us whether the moisture got inside the body. Below in the photos you can see the state of the napkins before the test, the test itself and after the test, and by the way - before opening each box, it should be wiped with a towel.

20-disc suitcase Orico PSK-L20 proudly withstood the test of a 10 - minute heavy shower, and the interior is not penetrated droplets. However, it should be borne in mind that water can accumulate in the irregularities of the body and when opening the suitcase, still dripping inside the corners. So before you open the wet suitcase with hardy, how to wipe it and let dry!

5-bay chest Orico PHC 35-03 completely failed the shower test. Water drops hit all 5 compartments, and this case can not be considered protected from moisture.

Single-disc case Orico PX 35, which also claimed protection against splashes, showed that there is no protection: the hard drive is soaked through, to the last thread.

Vertical chest Orico PHP 35, in General, has a good resistance to the water element, much better than PX35, but the hard drive is still wet.

But the “book” Orico PHP35, for which splash-proof is not stated at all, proved to be better than the others - not a drop of water did not get inside the body, and even an additional test when water was poured on the side face of the body, revealed a very good protection against water.


From year to year, hard drives become faster, larger, but not more reliable. We know that they have always been afraid of shaking, electromagnetic and radio emissions, and now it turns out that they can break from the high level of noise. But so far they do not have an adequate replacement for storing terabytes of data, so instead of getting rid of the HDD, we are forced to take care of them and take care of their health, and this we are ready to help accessories Orico, which partly take on this mission, allowing the maximum protection of hard drives on the long road between data centers, on the way home from work or just on the shelf at the system administrator.